Prince Frei and Aide-de-Camp Linda Elmgren-Warberg to open performance festival

This morning H.S.H. Prince Frei met with his new Aide-de-Camp  to plan the inauguration ceremony of an arts festival in Gothenburg – Sweden i January. The Prince and the Aide have a cordial working relationship, with plenty of jokes in-between the various engagements.

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Royal Grand Opening of 13Festivalen!

Grand openings, ceremonial speeches and majestic appearances is a kind of performance art that is particular to kings, popes, princes, presidents and other dignitaries. H.S.H. Prince Frei of Lorenzburg is honoured to perform an opening ceremony for the 2020 edition of the festival. Prince Frei, who is also known as the “Peacock Prince”, appears together with his trusted and dignified aide-de-camp, to cut the ribbon and give a short, but obviously brilliant, speech to praise the organizers and to encourage the festival’s participants. The Royal Grand Opening is a celebration of all the pomp, glory, magic and wonder that is inherent in Performance Art.

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