Speculative Genealogy: Prince Samuel Haraldi 1617 – 1661

Photoshop and period paintings team up to create collages of my actual ancestors. Today I present Prince Samuel-Haraldi of Lorenzburg!

Samuel-Haraldi was born in 1617 to Prince Haraldus II and Princess Märta of Lorbeering. He was married to Elisabeth Bonde af Noreld, the Daughter of the Chief of the Chiefdom of Noreld.

Prince Samuel-Haraldi was a proud and difficult person, always longing for glory and battle. However he never had the opportunity to gain glory through actual fighting, but he enjoyed jousting and hunting. The Prince wasn’t a very scholarly man but he was said to be a highly skilled chess player and of a wholesome practical nature. A mysterious artifact, known as the “Dwarf Hat”, came into the Princely family’s possession during this time. Legend has it that Prince Samuel-Haraldi won the hat in a game of chess and that the hat has the power to render its wearer invisible.


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