Instead of knitting – composing coats of arms!

Some people take out their knitting whenever they have a moment to themselves. Others embroider every time they watch the news. My “handicraft” is composing heraldic arms when I “watch” a movie or the news. I am very lucky to have a partner who supports my follies. But then again, it costs next to nothing and doesn’t need a lot of material = a perfect pastime 🙂

Last evening we watched the 80s classic “The Neverending Story” and I took the opportunity to compose a coat of arms for a future baronial family of my little principality. Granting titles is one of the few remaining royal privileges. The name to go with the coat of arms is “Rosensporrling” (translates close enough to “Rosyspurs”). Enjoy if you will:

Blazon: Gules, a spur-rowel Argent the tips enveloped by outward facing seeblätter Argent, the center hole with a heraldic rose Argent. The shield is mounted by a baronial crown in the Scandinavian tradition.

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