Heraldic arms: Anki von Kringeltreu created Baroness in Lorenzburg

Anki von Kringeltreu has been created Baroness in Lorenzburg in recognition of services to the nation. The family has been granted a Coat of Arms and a Seal as seen below. The text in translation: “The mills of fairytale grind slowly but surely.”

Azure a circlet Or upon which treads clockwise a snail Argent with a crown Or on the back. The snail is in the foreground.

LET IT BE KNOWN that, for Services to the Realm, it is Our Pleasure and Command that Our right trusty and well-beloved Friend, shall be raised to the rank of Baroness of the name:

Anki von Kringeltreu

The Baroness Anki von Kringeltreu is thus recognized as a Peer within our Realm. Name and rank will be passed to issue of both genders in accordance with the Lorenzburg custom of cognatic inheritance of noble titles.


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