Micronational heraldry on a searingly hot day!

Sweden is plagued by wild fires this summer, and my micronation Lorenzburg is unbearably hot, so I compose a coat of arms Inspired by the weather. Today’s challenge is to make heraldry that radiates waves of heat and that uses only two tinctures: the obvious choice is red and gold. Being the reigning prince of a micronation it is my prerogative to bestow titles and honors on subjects and others as a reward for great services to the nation. This coat of arms comes is attached to a family name de Flamboyarde and both name and title is inherited by issue of all genders. Here the shield is crowned with a comital crown in the Scandinavian heraldic tradition.


Gules a sun Or within a circle of rope Or of Cavendish knots each ending in an outward facing tassel Or. On the sun a heart gules.


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