1239 – 1302 Laurentius Bosson (Peacock)

Our family’s oldest ancestor was Laurentius son of Bo and with the family name Peacock. He was born in 1239 and he died in 1302. Laurentius, or Laurens, held the title “Jarl” which was a powerful office within the court of king Magnus Ladulås (1240 – 1290). The office was formally abolished in 1308.

Laurens Bosson Peacock, a ruthless warrior and incorruptibly loyal to the king, was given land, castle (later called Laurensborg – Lauren’s castle) and privileges according to the Ordinance of Alsnö, a charter establishing the tax-exempt noble class of Sweden.

Construction of castle Laurensborg would be finished by his two sons Erik and Jens the Fratricide.

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