Heraldry as spring comes… A cray-cray explosion of ermine and tulips

It’s finally above 10° here in Sweden! Crocus and tulips are brightening the days and the sun offers the cheek a little warmth. Of course, me being me, I can’t help but celebrating the joy of springtime with a little heraldic fun. Today’s piece sports Ermine an “escarboucle” (or escarbounce) Or with each spoke ending with a gauntlet Or holding a natural tulip arranged in a clockwise manner. The center of the escarboucle with a round sapphire.

The word “escarboucle” may be either a reference to “carbuncle” (a stone from the corund family – emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond) or to a structure to fortify a shield.

Even though the heraldic composition is utterly and totally cray-cray, it still follows the basic rule of tincture.

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