The character Frej von Fräähsen is my personal protest against the shame-culture of the middle class. He is the leader of the fictitious political party the “Princess Party“. Frej von Fräähsen embodies the showdown between myself and my class-confusion: I simply don’t know where I belong in the hierarchy. I cannot identify with working class, middle class or the nobility. Perchance I am a category in and of myself?

Frej von Fräähsen is over the top: He dresses to flamboyantly and puts on multiple royal orders at the same time. He is playful, free, a potential monster. Maybe he is somewhat of a dragshow artist but performing class rather than gender. Class drag?

At some point Frej von Fräähsen manifests, in his capacity as representative of the “Princess Party” on national TV to talk about feminism. He is a nomadic body who has somehow managed to enter the very centre of society: Primetime TV. Is it performance art? Is it for real?