Speculative genealogy: Harald Taxebond von Fräähsen 1st Prince of Lorenzburg

Being of noble descent and of Princely elevation one must be familiar with one’s origins. Since my paternal grandfather was interested in genealogy, I am quite fortunate to know my paternal family history all the way back to 1501 when Harald “Taxebond” von Fräähsen was born.

Harald “Taxebond” von Fräähsen is the first Prince of Lorenzburg. Born in 1501 it is said that he was the youngest son to a minor noble family, however in time he acquired a large territory and founded the Principality of Lorenzburg. He earned the nickname “Taxebond” as he introduced certain taxes in order to pay for the education of children from poor families. Those students who had a talent for studies where then “bound” to stay at court in order to serve the Prince and the fledgling nation. Many of these men and women from humble backgrounds earned themselves both a name and a noble title for their services. His motto was: “Scientia Nobilitat”.

Prince Harald’s wife was Katarina of the powerful noble family Apekatt. She was famous, or infamous, for being adventurous and erudite. Besides learning dancing and embroidery she loved less “lady-like” activities such as fencing and falconry. Princess Katarina’s adventures caused many raised eyebrows, but she was much loved by the people because she insisted on building birthing houses where poor women could give
birth in relative comfort and safety.

Katarina Apekatt born 1525
Coat of Arms of the noble family Apekatt

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