Speculative Genealogy – Aelfinë Sjaustiarn ( – 1480)

Photoshop and period paintings team up to create collages of my actual ancestors. Today I present one of the more enigmatic foremothers of the Princely House of Lorenzburg.

Aelfinë Sjaustiarn (Sevenstar), of whom little more is known than that “she came from the forests” and that she brought great riches. She was believed to possess arcane powers of vision and healing. She married our ancestor Olaus Petersson Påfågel (Peacock) born 1399. Aelfinë was a great beauty and of a gentle nature. our ancestor Olaus Petersson adored his wife and commissioned a portrait depicting Aelfinë holding a unicorn while standing in a dry tree. From the branches are hanging golden letters “A” Members of the lesser known family Sjaustiarn have married into my family on two later occasions.

The coat of arms of the mysterious family Sjaustiarn was Azure seven estoiles Or arranged as a symmetrical version of the constellation “Corona Borealis” (Northern Crown). Between the two topmost estoiles an arctic starflower (known as Sevenstar in Swedish) Argent.

The corona borealis has been incorporated in our coat of arms ever since our ancestors marriage to Aelfinë. Previous to that our coat of arms featured only Argent a Peacock Proper.

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