My name is Beau Prins-Frei Glorifons St-Barbara Sacrélicorne Maxpaon Caspar Melchior Baltazar Konstantin August Konrad Otto Jean-Seraphine von Fräähsen zu Lorenzburg… but you can call me Freï 😉 My family’s history started with Laurens Bosson Påfågel (Peacock) born in 1239 and we’ve really just been plodding along since then.

It is my firm belief that people need myth and meaning in order to live fully. We also need freedom, companionship, pleasure, drive and opportunities to self-expression. I was brought up on a nutritious diet of hearty food, roleplaying games, fantasy books and the proximity to nature. For me, growing up in Lorenzburg was a magical experience. I love the place deeply, and that love is an inner compass needle which points towards Lorenzburg even when I travel around the world.

My task, as a Prince, is not boss people around. Instead I aim to be a sparkling and affirming camp fire that signals: “Come, sit here for a while. Let your story unfold and become the most kind and noble person you can be”.

I revere tradition, but not in the conservative sense. Sound traditions are our roots and they keep us grounded in perilous times; they are also a commitment both to the past and to the future. By upholding the values of freedom, sincerity, kindness, generosity and courage, we honor our ancestors, respect our contemporaries and prepare the way for our children. Naturally we must do away with traditions that oppress others and I believe we are called to bravely examine our own prejudices in order to overcome them.

As The Prince of Lorenzburg I strive to to do whatever I can to champion universal human rights to live, love and learn freely and in accordance with each individual’s nature and temperament. This is a sacred task to me.