A performance study in nudity and Absolute Hospitality
Concept and performance: Frej von Fräähsen
Soundscore: Frej von Fräähsen

A naked man, covered in white paint, is lying in a wooden frame filled with down. The frame is standing on a table and a single spotlight lights up the scenery. Next to the table with the naked body is another, smaller, table filled with various objects: A lit candle. Some marker pens. Rubber gloves. Lipstick. Scalpel.

The scene is an implicit invitation to use the objects on the smaller table to interact with the naked body. The performance goes on for about one and a half hours.

In this performance I create myself as a showbread and a sacrifice in an echo of the Christian mass. I give up my own agency and invite the visitor to take liberties towards my body. I create myself as a function of absolute hospitality: Do to me whatever you want. However the visitors are very polite even in this monstrous situation.

Far from being an invitation to cruelty or sadism, my body becomes a focal-point – owning the room and the spectator. The scene creates its own ritual logic and my choice to objectify myself creates me as a sacrifice that has already been made. Being brought up in a Christian context one is used to this symbology. Only a few of the visitors dare disturb the sacred space to interact with the sacrificial bread – my naked body. I wanted to inspire interaction by rendering myself into an object, however in conversations after the performance some of the spectators reported that they experienced that I was a sovereign subject and that everybody else in the room were reduced to functions in an ongoing drama.