Today we celebrate the human spirit

On the tenth day of December it is a Swedish tradition to award the Nobel Prize to the great benefactors of humanity. I am passionate about the importance of a continued endeavor to universally make available the access to education and enlightenment. After all, only reson and goodwill amongst all people can dispel the remnants of ancient superstitions.

In the Nobel Prize Award ceremony some of Humanity’s brightest minds come together to celebrate the human spirit and the fact that we have soared so far beyond the amino-acidulous primordial soup that was our origin so many aeons ago. Together we have come far, and together we shall go further still!

I would like to invite everyone to spend the day contemplating the importance of education. On this day I raise my glass in a toast to Alfred Nobel and the curiosity that is the hallmark of humanity. May we learn to thrive in ways that are not in opposition to, but to the benefit of, all our human sisters and brothers and ultimately the planet Earth which is our home. I remain hopeful that it will be so!

H.S.H. Prince Freï von Fräähsen zu Lorenzburg
F rosa

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